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Admission for international students

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 Once you have some programs in mind, you can research them on OYU's program

Academic Programs


Bachelor’s Programs                                                                                  

  • Computer engineering
  • Finance
  • Business management
  • Accounting
  • International relations
  • Teaching of foreign language (English)
  • World economy
  • Translation (rus-eng, az-eng)                                      


Master’s Programs

  • Teaching of foreign language
  • World Economy
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Management 
  • Computer Engineering
  • Engineer of Information technologies and systems


MBA programs

  • Finance
  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • World Economy
  • Management


PhD programs

  • Fluid, Gas and Plasma Mechanics
  • System Analysis, Control and Information Processing
  • World Economy
  • Sectoral Economy
  • Theory of Language
  • General Psychology


Get Program Advising

If you have questions about the programs you've researched you can speak with a Program Advisor admission@oyu.edu.az


Apply to OYU

Select the programme you want to be admitted in and submit your documents in electronic format before the deadline.

Be sure to submit your application by the deadline of September 1, 2019 (for bachelor and master) and November 15, 2019 (for foundation)


Application Fee

There is a $100 application fee, payable to Online App-form. Your application will not be completed until your application fee is paid.



  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (duly legalized or Apostiled)
  • Academic Transcripts of Records (duly legalized or Apostiled)
  • Statement of Purpose

(Statement of Purpose should include the major you are willing to study, your supportive ideas why you want to study in that specific field, and your thoughts on how you think it will contribute to your future.)

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

(Please make sure that your Curriculum Vitae includes your personal information, educational background, skills/abilities and hobbies/interests)

  • Certificates, diplomas and any other related documents (if available);
  • Medical Examination Certificate

(Medical certificate and AIDS analyzing test given by the health authorities of student’s country)

  • 6 photos (3x4 cm);

(Photos should be passport size and be taken within the last 6 months maximum)

  • Copy of International Passport


IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  All documents issued in another language must be translated into Azerbaijani by either an official translation service.


English Proficiency

If English is not your first language, or if your previous education has been conducted in another language, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in English. 


Use a Valid Email Address 

When you apply, be sure to use a valid email address as OYU will use this email address to contact you throughout the admission process.



You’ve received an offer of Admission from Odlar Yurdu University.





Apply for Visa

Foreigners travelling to Azerbaijan for study have to get a relevant visa (except for the citizens of the countries applying a visa-free-regime http://mfa.gov.az/en/content/189 with Azerbaijan) from the Azerbaijani Embassy accredited in their countries)

In order to timely begin your studies at OYU we would recommend you to start visa application procedures as soon as possible.  We will provide you with the admission letter and assistance for applying for visa. For specific visa procedures and documents checklist please contact the Azerbaijani Embassy to your country.

We recommend you to apply for a study visa for the duration of 3 months.  Also, foreigners are required to be registered at the Migration Service within 15 days after entering the borders of Azerbaijan.


Register for Classes

One of the most exciting moments as a student is when you finally get your class timetable. Register for classes after you have paid your tuition deposit. Registration schedules and how-to guides are available to help you complete your registration.


Tuition Fee

  • Fee for Foundation Program  -        1500 $
  • Fee for Bachelor’s Programs -         3500 $
  • Fee for Master’s Programs    -         4000 $
  • Fee for MBA programs         -         4500 $
  • Fee for PhD programs           -         5000 $


The tuition does not include accommodation or living expenses.

Before starting his/her studies at Odlar Yurdu University, an international student must pay at least one year’s tuition fee.


Apply for Residence Permit

Foreigners are required to get a temporary residence permit from the State Migration Service at least one month before the expiration of their visa. Upon successful completion of the specific academic year, the duration of your residence permit will be extended for another one year period.

The temporary residence permit allows you to enter/exit the borders of Azerbaijan for the permit specified duration period without the necessity of visa. We will be happy to assist you in this regard.  

Please, check https://www.migration.gov.az/home/booklet .


NOTE: Students will have to cover state fees for migration arrangements http://migration.gov.az, as well as the insurance costs.