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A library functions at the university. It has a wide range of possibilities for the scientific creativity of students and the team of professors-teachers. The library consists of a 200-person reading hall and a book fund. An electronic library, connected to the internet network, programmed at the sites of the influential libraries of the world, has been created at the university, and it has been given to the use of students and the team of professors-teachers. There are more than 93000 printed materials in the scientific-education fund of the library, of which about 15000 are in foreign languages. Besides, in the reading hall, books, textbooks and course materials, written by the team of professors-teachers of the university are collected together and are available for the use of students. The library is supplied with a sufficient number literature, textbooks and course materials on all specialities taught at the university. 
Odlar Yurdu University conducts an exchange of scientific publications with many university and central libraries of the USA, CIS, Turkey, North Cyprus Turkish Republic, Germany and other foreign countries. 
The library of Odlar Yurdu University has over 3000 readers. The majority of them is the team of professors-teachers and students, as well as other readers from outside of the university. 
Lately, 72 textbooks, 126 teaching aids, 457 methodical aids, 320 subject programs have been printed and released for use at the university on all specialities and specialization areas.