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General Information

Department of International Relations and Innovations

The Department of International Relations and Innovations is a structure that plays a key role in the establishment and expansion of international relations of the university, creation of cooperation with universities of foreign countries and international organizations. Together with other structures of the university, the department draws main directions of development of international cooperation in the area of higher education and science, and ensures their realization. 

The Department studies the international practices that exist in the field of education, and supervises its utilization and development. Besides, the Department maintains regular contacts with embassies and diplomatic representations functioning in Azerbaijan.

Odlar Yurdu University, which has chosen the path of integration into the global education system from the first days of its foundation, has been striving to use in the training process the latest inter-national technologies. In this respect, the university has signed a number of important cooperation agreements with leading higher education institutions from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Georgia, Latvia, Switzerland, Turkey, North Cyprus, Russia and etc. 

A close collaboration with foreign higher education institutions has enabled the university to improve the content and quality of its curriculum considerably.

Together with leading universities and scientific centers of the world, the university has acted as an organizer and a participant of large number of international events.

The university puts some emphasise on foreign cooperation in its activity. Learning and application of progressive practices in teaching, creation of joint education centers, joint participation in international projects, exchanges of teachers-students, etc. have found their reflection in the agreements signed with its counterparts.

Bringing innovative approach to University’s activities and applying innovative projects is also part of Department’s missions.