Odlar Yurdu University is a place of discovery, creativity and innovation located in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan

Odlar Yurdu University is a place of discovery, creativity and innovation located in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan
Rector's appeal

Dear Applicants!

Great Leader Haydar Aliyev said:"The education is the future of nations".
Young generation is the future of our nation, people and independent Azerbaijan. You should get high education in order to ensure the future. High education - happy future. High education - high maintenance. High education-free, independent and happy future High education-powerful state.
Today you can ensure high education with your own choice. You should know that all diplomas given by all universities (public and private) are the same and given by the state. However, the quality of education at universities is different. I recommend choosing the university, which provides high level of education, shapes your personality and turns you tomorrow's decent individual.
Therefore, when choosing the university think, get to know the university and then decide. The wrong choice means losing the future...

About us

 Odlar Yurdu University was established in 1995. It was registered on the basis of the positive opinion of the State Supreme Expert Commission established under the Cabinet of Ministers dated 10.11.1995 and by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 8, 1996, No. 86. The university aims to train highly qualified specialists for our young state.

Odlar Yurdu University, accredited by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey's Higher Education Institution (YÖK) and Germany's H+ institution, is a full member of the World Association of Universities (IAU) under UNESCO. Students from many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa study at our Odlar Yurdu University at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels of education. Odlar Yurdu University, being a member of international exchange programs such as "Erasmus+" and "Mevlana", provides students and academic staff with short-term study and teaching opportunities at leading European universities and creates conditions for academic exchange.

Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives

Our Mission

Odlar Yurdu University sees its main goal in training highly qualified and qualified specialists, who are loyal to our national and moral values and able to compete in the society of Azerbaijan and the world. Our mission is to equip our students with the following knowledge and skills for the 21st century:


Learning skill

Literacy skill

Life skill

Social skill 


Our Vision

The vision of Odlar Yurdu University is to become an internationally recognized leading university adhering to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan...

Why OYU?


Language Diversity: Immerse in trilingual education (Azerbaijani, English, Russian)

Global Accreditation: OYU meets international academic standards

YÖK Recognition: All bachelor programs acknowledged by Turkey's Higher Education Council (YÖK)


UNESCO-Backed Diplomas: Diplomas recognized globally under UNESCO via IAU


Dual Diplomas: Earn double diplomas with Montreux Business School in Switzerland


Credit Recognition Worldwide: Study with credits acknowledged in Turkey, Cyprus, and more


Simultaneous Dual Programs: Enroll in two programs concurrently


Flexible Tuition: Monthly partial payments possibilities


Strategic development plan




Importance of Strategy plan

The university's strategic plan is a document that includes guidelines and rules for both long-term and day-to-day institutional decisions, and also ensures and validates the institution's activities within the framework of its mission, vision and values.

It should be prepared and followed in accordance with the mandates and regulations of state institutions and accreditation bodies. Having a strategic plan can allow you to track progress toward goals. When each department and team understands your company's larger strategy, their progress can directly impact its success, creating a top-down approach to tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

Strategic planning guides educational development by providing a common vision and shared priorities. Educational planning is both visionary and pragmatic, involving the institution's personnel in defining the future of education and mobilizing resources to achieve its goals.


Strategic plan for 2017 - 2022 (download PDF)

Summary of the strategic plan for 2023 - 2028 (download PDF)