Master's degree

  • Admission to the master's degree at Odlar Yurdu University has been conducted since 1999. Master's degree is an educational process that provides training of highly qualified specialists who can perform free creative activities in accordance with the requirements of the second level of higher education.
  • Master's degree education provides for in-depth study of any field of specialization for research or professional purposes, and gives graduates the right to engage in professional activities, research and scientific-pedagogical work.
  • Education at the master's level at our university is carried out in accordance with existing regulations. The department provides master's degree training in 16 specialties. All departments of the university are involved in the teaching process. During their studies, our masters regularly participate in events, projects, round tables and debates organized by both the university and the state. Well-known in our country and abroad, experts in their field, professors and teachers carry out training activities at our university. Also, our university has an effective, creative learning environment, updated curricula, new textbooks, ICT-based training halls, research centers, laboratories, mutual respect and transparency in student-teacher relations.
  • Taking into account the development of industrial, business and government careers of students studying for a master's degree at Odlar Yurdu University, classes are organized from 18:00 to 20:00 according to their work schedules.






Foreign language teaching

Methodology and methodology of foreign language teaching (in English)




Azerbaijani literature




General psychology




Pedagogical psychology




Clinical psychology




Design and technical aesthetics



The world economy

International economic relations




International financial and currency-credit relations








Financial control and audit




Management (education, tourism, health, general management)



Marketing (by field)

Marketing (education, tourism, health, general management)



Business management

Business Administration and Management







Computer engineering

Computer engineering



Information technology and systems engineering

Information systems in management