Biology and Ecology

Biology and Ecology

The Department of Biology and Ecology of Odlar Yurdu University prepares 2 high-level professionals for the labor market of our country in the field of microbiology at the bachelor's level, master's degree and doctoral level. Specialist training in the department is carried out in the following directions:

Undergraduate level

  1. Biology
  2. Ecology

Master's degree level

Speciality Specialization
Biology Microbiology


Specialist training is conducted in the field of microbiology within the framework of the PhD training programs in biology in doctorate and dissertation studies.

The professor-teacher staff of the department consists of 16 people. The department has 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 6 PhDs, 10 teachers and 3 hourly teachers.
The highly qualified and professional teaching staff of the department is engaged in training young biologists and ecological scientists who meet the modern demands and challenges of science and education in accordance with the curriculum of biology and ecology. The results of scientific research conducted during the years of activity of the Department of Biology and Ecology have been reflected in scientific journals of many foreign countries, in scientific publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) in our country, in scientific-practical compilations, in the materials of scientific congresses and conferences.
Within the program, microbiology, cytology, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, biosphere and its protection, individual development, evolutionary, and molecular bases of ontogenesis are studied in the department. Students gain hands-on knowledge of modern genetics, heredity, and variation phenomena while mastering the advances of the biological sciences. For this purpose, Odlar Yurdu University has created opportunities for students to conduct various types of research and participate in laboratory research. "Microbiology", "Chemistry", "Zoology" laboratories and the Medical museum named after outstanding ophthalmologist scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva operate under the department. Department closely cooperates with the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS, Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture, Public Legal Entity, Ministry of Ecology and Medicinal Resources, Institute of Dendrology of ANAS, "Azelab" LLC of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. In the direction of biology and ecology, scientific-research works are being carried out on the topic "Study of fertility and bioactivity in the soils of the Western zone of the Republic of Azerbaijan". Currently, 16 doctoral students are engaged in scientific activity in the department.

Professor-teacher staff of the Biology and Ecology Department

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, prof. Mammadov Ramazan Mustafa - head of the department
PhD in Agrarian Sciences, assoc. prof. Karimova Tamilla Hafiz - deputy head of the department
PhD in Agrarian Sciences, assoc. prof. Maharramova Sevinj Telman - Dean of the Faculty of Nature and Technology
PhD in medicine, associate professor Akhundov Imran Adil
PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor Mammadova Gunel Fizuli
Abbasova Sevinj Nazim 
Safarova Minavvar Ajdar
Iskenderova Gunay Zahid
Hasanli Elina Asif
Majidova Laman Zahid
Bunyatzada Zamina Surat
Yakubova Yaseman Khalil
Zulfikarova Vusala Sahin
Kilicova Tarana Namaddin
Bashirova Yegane Dagbey
PhD in Physics and Math. Isgandarov Subahat Mammadali

Specialties of the department