Master degree

Master degree

Odlar Yurdu University admission to the master's level started in 1999. Master's degree is an educational process that ensures the training of highly qualified, independent creative professionals in accordance with the requirements of the second level of higher education.
Master's education involves a deeper study of any field of specialization for scientific-research or professional purposes and gives graduates the right to engage in professional activity, scientific research and scientific-pedagogical work.
In our university, education at the master's level is conducted in accordance with existing normative documents. Master's training in 16 specialties is carried out in the department. All departments of the university were involved in the teaching process. Our graduate students constantly participate in events, projects, round tables and debates organized by the university and the state during their studies. Professors and teaching staff, known in our republic and abroad, experts in their field, carry out training activities in our university. Also, in our university there is an effective, creative teaching environment, updated teaching programs, new textbooks, ICT-based training halls, research centers, laboratories, mutual respect and transparency in student-teacher relations.
Taking into account the development of industrial, business and government careers, classes of Odlar Yurdu University master's students are organized according to their working hours from 18:00 to 20:00.

Speciality Specialization
Foreign language teaching Methods and methodology of foreign language teaching (in English)
Philology Azerbaijani literature
Psychology General psychology
Psychology Pedagogical psychology
Psychology Clinical psychology
Design Design and technical aesthetics
The world economy International Economic Relations
The world economy International financial and currency-credit relations
Finance Banking
Finance Financial control and audit
Management Management (education, tourism, health, general management)
Marketing (by areas) Marketing (education, tourism, health, general management)
Business management Business Administration and Management
Biology Microbiology
Computer engineering Computer engineering
Information Technologies and systems engineering Information systems in management



MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master's degree in economics and management. The activity of this program at Odlar Yurdu University was implemented in 2004 within the framework of a joint agreement with Georgia State University of the USA. The main advantage of MBA education is that it gives more priority to practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge. Students solve real-world problems, and teachers are made up of counselors, administrators, and principals, respectively. The lessons include business games, training and lectures, creation and defense of individual projects, constant team work.
The MBA Program gives its graduates the right to improve their leadership qualities, increase their systematic knowledge, skills and business management habits, continuously improve their qualifications, research modern business information, gain analytical thinking and decision-making abilities, as well as enable them to occupy responsible positions in the management of enterprises and organizations.
20 percent of the educational process is theoretical, and 80 percent is practical. The subjects are adapted to the programs of the world's most advanced higher education institutions, and masters are free to choose elective subjects.
Depending on the specialization in business management, the MBA program provides in-depth knowledge and develops skills in the management of various areas of business. MBA graduates demonstrate their competitive edge in any organization.
The knowledge acquired in the MBA program plays a decisive role in taking a leading position in the business world.
The knowledge and skills acquired in the program can be applied in any organization. It is suitable for both professional managers and those who dream of entrepreneurship.
The MBA program is based on international experience. Most of the teachers teaching in this program graduated from leading foreign universities or advanced their qualifications in those universities. At the same time, leaders of state institutions, leading companies, business world leaders, and leading experts are also involved in the training.
Odlar Yurdu University's close relations with well-known foreign universities create ample opportunities for the exchange of intellectual resources and experience. It is because of these factors that the MBA program of our university provides an opportunity to study any business problem from the point of view of a wide range of interests, to develop leadership and entrepreneurial talents and professional knowledge.

Degree (Specialization):

Business organization and management (Financial control and audit)

Business organization and management (Financial Banking)

Business organization and management (International business)

Business organization and management (International financial and currency-credit relations)

Business organization and management (Information systems in management)

Business organization and management (Management)

Business organization and management (Tourism and hospitality)

Business organization and management (Marketing)

Business organization and management (Education, Tourism, Healthcare, General management)