Scientific Centers and Institutes

Tutor center for faculties
Applicant preparation center
Quality assurance center
Research and development center
Job center with grants and projects
Computer centers
Design center
Translation center
Teaching methodical center
German language center
Study abroad and international services center
Center of intelligence
Preparation center for foreign students (Foundation)
Coordinator of dual degree programs
Sports center
Driving courses
Medical station
Law Clinic
Alumni job center
Psychological center

Institutes of practice

Technopark and Institute of Information Technologies
Institute of International Relations and Diplomacy
Institute of creativity, organization of cultural projects and events
Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business Structures
Certified training and Career Institute
Institute of PR, Communication and Marketing
Institute of further education and Curriculum
Institute of Language, Folklore and Dialectology
Scientific-Pedagogical and industrial practice institute
Distance Education Institute
Banking, Finance and Audit practice institute