Economy and economic relations

Economy and economic relations

The Department of Economics and Economic Relations of Odlar Yurdu University prepares 8 bachelor's degree, 5 master's level (7 specializations), 1 MBA program (7 specializations), 2 doctoral and dissertation level specialists, high professional level specialists for the labor market of our country. Specialist training at the department is carried out in the following areas:

Undergraduate level

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Business management
  6. State and municipal administration
  7. Economy
  8. Organization of tourism work


Master's degree level

Speciality Specialization
World economy International Economic Relations
World economy International financial and currency-credit relations
Finance Bankinng
Finance Financial control and audit
Menecment Management (education, tourism, health, general management)
Marketing (by sectors) Marketing (education, tourism, health, general management)
Business management Organization and management of business



Speciality Specialization
Business management International financial and currency credit relations
Business management Banking
Business management Financial control and audit
Business management Management (Education, Tourism, Health and General management)
Business management Marketing (Education, Tourism and Health)
Business management Business Organization and Management (International Business)
Business management Tourism and hospitality

Specialist training is carried out for the following specialties within the framework of the Doctor of Philosophy training programs in economics at doctoral studies and dissertations:

  1. The Economy
  2. Field economy

The teaching staff of the department consists of 54 employees, including 1 Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Professor, 2 Professors of Odlar Yurdu University, 13 Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, 3 Associate Professors, 7 Associate Professors of Odlar Yurdu University, 7 Senior Lecturers and other teachers.

Since 2022, scientific research work on "Preparation of sustainable and preventive development strategy of the country's economy" is being carried out in the department. For about 300 subjects taught by the department, teaching-methodical materials that meet modern requirements have been developed by the department's employees. Employees of the department regularly take an active part in national and international conferences, symposia, round tables, and events held in media resources. Since 2022, the "Economy, Management and Business" Institute has been operating on the basis of the Department of Economics and Economic Relations.

The Department of Economics and Economic Relations offers 8 majors at the bachelor's level: Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Business Management, State and Municipal Management, Tourism Management, and 7 majors at the master's level: Finance, International Business, International Economic Relations, Bank work, International financial and currency relations, Management, Marketing and MBA program.

Professor-teaching staff of the Department of Economy and Economic Relations

Ph.D, prof. Mammadov Elshad Yaqub - Head of the Department of Economics and Economic Relations
Ph.D., prof. Alirzaev Ali Gambarali - Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management
Ph.D., prof. Nuriev Jumshud Gurban - lecturer
Assoc. Feyzullaev Babek Khasai - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management
Ph.D., Associate Professor Garayev Natig Anvar - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Mamedova Sevda Binyat - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Khaligova Nargiz Shamil - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Musaev Afgan Abulfaz - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Novruzov Atif Akbar - lecturer
Ibragimova Sevinj Rufat - lecturer
Orujov Mail Mushkul - senior lecturer
Aliyeva Hafiza Ziraddin - senior lecturer
Alizadeh Ahmed Arif - senior lecturer
Ismailova Laman Rafik - senior lecturer
Pashayeva Aysel Nariman - senior lecturer
Aliyeva Aysel Sajiddin - teacher
Alieva Khavar Candidate - teacher
Mamedova Sevinj Imamyar - teacher
Mehralieva Ayten Asif - teacher
Ibragimova Nigar Bagban - teacher
Ulviya Nadir Ismailova - teacher
Valizadeh Farid Geray - teacher
Gasimova Tamilla Faig - teacher
Novruzov Elbrus Kamil - teacher
Mamedova Solmaz Ilham - lecturer
Muradova Nargiza Samanderovna - lecturer
Ismailov Orkhan Elkhan - lecturer
Valiev Amil Samir - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Mammadli Sadiq Fakhreddin - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Kashieva Laman Aydin - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Aliyev Agshin Vugar - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Ismailov Ramin Oktay - lecturer
Ph.D., Associate Professor Jafarov Eldar Arif - lecturer
Ph.D. Akhmedova Esmira Mamed - lecturer
Ph.D. Madatov Rovshan Oruj - lecturer
Assoc. Ibadov Fuad Ilham - lecturer
Assoc. Khalilov Samir Alovsat - lecturer
Amirova Gulnar Gunduz - lecturer
Sultanov Orkhan Mamedali - lecturer
Mammadzadeh Nargiz Ilham - lecturer
Aliyev Elkhan Farman - lecturer
Azimzade Aslan Javid - lecturer
Kazimova Khavar Kamil - lecturer
Alekbarova Farida Asif - lecturer
Rahmani Farah Polad - lecturer
Karimova Nigar Allahverdi - lecturer
Nurana Ramiz Yunusova - lecturer
Madatov Farhad Aminaga - lecturer