The Department of Design of Odlar Yurdu University prepares 1 bachelor's degree, 1 master's level (1 specializations) specialists, high professional level specialists for the labor market of our country. Specialist training at the department is carried out in the following areas:

Undergraduate level

  1. Design (interior; graphic; fashion designer)

Master's degree level

Speciality Specialization
Design Design and Technical Aesthetics

The faculty of the department consists of 14 employees, including one Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Honored Artist, Associate Professor. 3 people consist of senior lecturers and teachers of Odlar Yurdu University.

The teachers of the department participate in the preparation of new projects for the day-by-day development and beautification of our country in the labor market and construction works for the development of students' knowledge and skills. For about 70 subjects taught by the department's staff, teaching methodical materials that meet modern requirements have been developed by the department's staff. Employees of the department regularly actively participate in national exhibitions.

The Department of Design operates on the program of 1 specialty: Design (interior; graphic; fashion designer) at the bachelor's level, 1 specialty at the master's level: Design (design and technical aesthetics). The teaching staff of the design department consists of 14 people in total. The department has 1 professor, 8 teachers and 5 part-time teachers.

Professor-teacher staff of the Design Department

Ph.D. in philosophy prof., honored artist Atayev Soltan Hamid - head of the department
Assoc. Mammadova Guler Gulaga
s/l. Mammadov Alim Dashdemir
s/l. Huseynli Gunel Namig
s/l. Yuzbashıyeva Vafa Rustam
Maharramova Naila Gulaga
Muradi Parvane Arsalam
Bayramli Chinara Nureddin
Leyla Heydarova Natig
Ismayilzade Farah Iftikhar
Bayramova Gunay Talib
Habibova Nübar Rafik
Aghayeva Gunel Nazim
Omarova Fidan Sahib