Rules for the design of articles submitted to a scientific journal


1. An article submitted for publication in a journal is first sent to a plagiarism checker and then to 2 anonymous reviews. If both reviewers receive a positive opinion about the article, the article is reviewed by the editorial board, and if it fully meets the requirements of the journal, the article is accepted for publication.
2. The structure of the article submitted to the journal should meet the requirements applicable to scientific articles worldwide. That is, the problem addressed in the article should be defined in a general way, its connection with important scientific and practical issues should be indicated, the analysis of the latest works cited by the author on this problem should be given, the unresolved parts of the problem to which the article is devoted, as well as the results obtained and their perspectives should be indicated.
3. Articles whose topic is superficial and thesis-like, and which are not sufficiently substantiated from a scientific point of view, are not accepted.
4. The title of the article should be short, reflect the content and not exceed 100 characters. Keywords and UDC (more information) index in three languages (Azerbaijani, English and Russian) must be added to the article (the editorial board is not responsible for the accuracy of the UDC index). At the end of an article presented in Azerbaijani, annotations of the same content should be given in English and Russian, at the end of an article presented in Russian, annotations of the same content should be given in Azerbaijani and English, at the end of an article presented in English , annotations of the same content should be given in Azerbaijani and Russian.
5. The article should be sent to [email protected] in electronic version (word) along with two external reviews (signed and stamped).
6. References to other sources in the article and preparation of the used literature list should be guided by APA standards (more information).
7. The text of the article should be typed in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman font. Font size should be 12, line spacing should be 1. The distance from the left and right sides should be 2.8 cm, and from the top and bottom 3 cm. The space in the first line should be 1.25 cm, the interval distances (from above and below) in formulas, drawings and tables should be 6 points. Images (pictures) should be accompanied by 11 size captions and included in the text in a scanned form (that is, in a scanned form). Tables should have a font size of 11. Formulas must be assembled in the Word Equation editor.
8. Submitted article should be 5-15 pages long. Articles exceeding 15 pages are accepted only with the approval of the editorial board. The grammatical accuracy of the text must be checked by the author.
9. The author's name, surname, patronymic, scientific degree (if any), place of work, address of the place of work, author's e-mail address and contact telephone numbers should be indicated on the attached page, as well as it should be noted that the manuscript has not been published in any scientific publication before and to which field of science it belongs.

The articles in the "Scientific and Pedagogical News of Odlar Yurdu University" magazine are grouped into the following 5 sections:

  • Section of Mathematics, Informatics and Technical Sciences;
  • Section of economic sciences;
  • Section of Medicine, Biology and Psychology;
  • Section of Law, History and Political Science;
  • Section of Linguistics, Philology and Pedagogical Sciences.

An example of Odlar Yurdu University Scientific and Pedagogical News journal (PDF)

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