Department for educational and methodical work

The Educational and Methodological Department, being a structural subdivision of Odlar Yurdu University, coordinates, plans, organizes and controls the educational process. The department is headed by Idrak Umbay oglu Rahimov. Gulnar Sahib kyzy Mirzaeva is a leading specialist, and Sevda Nadir kyzy Jahangirli is a department programmer.

The main activities of the department are:

  • Preparation of orders for students admitted to the first year of bachelor's and master's degrees at Odlar Yurdu University on the basis of orders received from the State Examination Center (SEC) at the beginning of each academic year and acceptance of their personal files, development and inclusion of orders in their personal files.
  • Supervise the planning, distribution and implementation of the workload for the academic year.
  • Preparation of orders related to the educational process and scholarships for students.
  • Preparation and ordering of documents related to expulsion, reinstatement, transfer, reassignment, retention, academic leave and return from leave.
  • Preparation of curricula, study schedules and academic calendar.
  • Organization of teaching, production, research and scientific-pedagogical practices, conclusion of contracts with enterprises for their conduct, preparation of practice orders.
  • Holding exam sessions and canceling academic debts.
  • Carrying out organizational work on the defense of the final state certification and master's dissertations on the bachelor's and MBA programs.
  • Preparation of reports on graduates of Odlar Yurdu University, receipt and completion of diplomas and diploma supplements, academic transcripts on higher education.
  • Gather the necessary documents for the issuance of duplicate diplomas and order them after consideration by the relevant commission.
  • Preparation of annual statistical reports.
  • Collection of necessary documents and ordering of persons wishing to receive re-higher education after consideration by the relevant commission.
  • Preparation of admission orders of foreign citizens to the university in accordance with the protocol of the relevant commission.
  • Registration of documents received from the office for execution, control over their execution and placement of executed documents and orders.
  • Preparation of responses to inquiries from departments, enterprises and organizations, as well as various types of applications and letters.
  • Inclusion of educational and teaching information on the university in the relevant systems of the Ministry of Education and the State Examination Center.
  • Archiving of educational documents.