Instructs OYU staff to vaccinate 3rd dose (booster) against COVID-19

Tarix: 11 November, 2021
Baxış sayı: 1332

As you know, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Education No. F-147 dated April 12, 2021, weekly information submitted to the Ministry of Education on vaccination of employees of higher and secondary education institutions from April this year is regularly summarized by the Ministry and passed to the Presidential Administration. At the same time, it is stated that in accordance with the recommendations of the Medical Territorial Units Management Association (MEDA), the process of vaccination of citizens against COVID-19 3rd dose (booster) continues in our country. Taking into account the above, we consider it important for our employees working at Odlar Yurdu University and 150 days after the two-dose vaccination to participate in the 3rd dose vaccination and ask our employees to follow the relevant recommendations.

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