Philology and humanities

Philology and humanities

The Department of Philology and Humanities at Odlar Yurdu University prepares 1 bachelor, 1 master (1 specialization), high professional level specialists for the labor market of our country. Training of specialists at the department is carried out in the following areas:

Undergraduate level

  1. Philology (Azerbaijani language and literature)


Master's degree level

Speciality Specialization
Phylology Azerbaijani literature


The Department of Philological and Humanities employs 15 employees. The department employs 1 doctor of science, 1 professor, 7 doctors of philosophy and 13 teachers.

The staff of our department are well-known specialists in these and other areas of Azerbaijani philology. Professor Rustam Kamal and our other teachers give scientific reports at national and international scientific conferences and represent our university with honor. On the initiative of our department, many scientific conferences and symposia were held at our university. Our students also enthusiastically perform at scientific events. The department is constantly focusing on the work of the student scientific society, and from time to time seminars are held with students. Anniversaries of our poets and writers are held, literary works are discussed. Master's studies are conducted on the basis of special programs. Our department has an Institute of Language, Folklore and Dialectology. Our students undergo internships in scientific and cultural institutions, which is an important stage in personnel training.

Professor-teaching staff of the Department of Philology and Humanities

prof. Rasulov Rustam Kamal – Head of the Department of Philology and Humanities
Ph.D. Mukhtarzade Nurida Zabit – Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Languages
Ph.D., Associate Professor Sofieva Gulchin Mahad - lecturer
Ph.D. Mehralieva Ulviya Tajir – lecturer
Ph.D. Nuriyeva Sevinj Nazim - lecturer
Ph.D. Adishirinov Nizami Shamil – lecturer
Ph.D. Movlamova Mehriban Oktay – lecturer
Ph.D. Khamidova Leili Ali - lecturer
Huseynova Konul Aydin – lecturer
Khasanova Ziyafat Muhammad - lecturer
Amirli Gunay Sahib – lecturer
Alizadeh Fidan Faig – lecturer
Mamedova Ravana Ismail – lecturer
Khagverdieva Leila Ibragim - lecturer
Mamieva Zeinab Isa – lecturer