Rules for submission of articles to the scientific magazine:

  • All the submitted articles must be peer-reviewed. The peer-reviewers name and affiliation must be included as part of the article to be located at the end after the References. It should be on a separate line 2 lines below the last reference and start with the words “Reviewed by…”.
  • The contents of an article must meet generally accepted international scientific norms. The aim and the purpose of the article as well as its feasibility must be clearly indicated. It should deal with innovative ideas, developments, directions, misdirections, areas which need to be explored, future outlook, prior errors, problems, personnel, funding, or trends in the chosen field.
  • The manuscript with incomplete coverage of the subject will not be accepted.
  • The title of the article must be concise not to exceed 100 characters and be in full conformity with the contents. The article should include keywords and subject index (UDC). Also, an abstract is required consisting of 50-100 words.
  • Authors should submit a hard copy (in A4 format) and electronic version of their articles (in a compact disk) directly to the editorial office (see contact addresses at the bottom of this page) or mail it to [email protected].
  • Microsoft Word is the only preferred input program. The font used should be Times New Roman of 12 points. Text must be single spaced with 2.8 cm left/right margins and 3 cm top/bottom margins. Figures must be scanned and captioned in 11-points Times New Roman. Formulae should be input using Word Equation. And tabular data should be input using 11-points Times New Roman.
  • Authors are encouraged to submit articles ranging from 5-15 pages (including appendixes, references, figures and tables). Sanction of editorial board is required for the acceptance of manuscripts exceeding 15 pages. The author should check the text for grammar.
  • Each article should include title, name, patronymic, current affiliation, postal address, e-mail and phone numbers of the author who should also provide a written evidence that the presented manuscript has been never published before. Also, the author must indicate the field of science to which his (her) manuscript belongs.