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Student’s Union

Student’s Union has the following Divisions: 

Division of Education and Science 
The main objective of the DIVISION OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE is the implementation of programs and projects related to science and education. In this regard, the division arranges various intellectual games, debate competitions, Olympiads, competitions, etc. essay. A debate club, an intellectual logic and knowledge club function under the division.

Projects Division 
PROJECTS DIVISION develops projects in order to support the ideas and proposals which the university wanted to implement in various areas, and ensures their implementation and management.

Division for Cooperation with International Students
DIVISION FOR COOPERATION WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS assists the Student Youth Organization of Odlar Yurdu University with the establishment of bilateral relations with the student organizations of foreign universities, facilitates the participation of the students of OYU in various international events and conferences, takes other relevant measures in this area.

Human Resources Division 
HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION keeps records of members of the organization, performs the admission of new members, ensures the participation of students in activities and projects, manages the efficient work of the organizing committee. Th organization has about 500 active members. The division arranges regular visit to orphanages and nursing homes, as well as blood donation campaigns for children suffering from Thalassemia.

Press, Public Relations and Printing Division
PRESS, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND PRINTING DIVISION prepares reports on the events held at the university, drafts minutes of the meetings and decisions, does the paperwork, prepares presentations about the organization and ensures the dissemination of information about its activities.